MERH - Project: Fresh Ideas for Cancer Care

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Improving efficiency in cancer care through joint problem solving by qualified PhD students and leading stakeholders in the field.

Are you committed to reducing inefficiencies where it matters most? Are you ready to think outside the box? Do you want to develop new approaches in cancer policy and research?

In the summer of 2019 the Center for Medicine-Ethics-Law Helvetiae and the PhD program Biomedical Ethics and Law / Law Track of the University of Zurich will run the new project “Fresh Ideas for Cancer Care” in cooperation with All.Can Switzerland, a global policy initiative aiming to improve efficiency in cancer care.
Different actors in the field of cancer care experience a variety of issues. With the common goal to improve efficiency, stakeholders and interested PhD students join forces to develop solutions to relevant problems. Each stakeholder participating in this project will highlight issues that have arisen in practice and present a specific set of questions.

The project “Fresh Ideas for Cancer Care” offers PhD students from different disciplines and backgrounds (e.g. medicine, science, law and economics) the opportunity to work on one of the presented practical cases and to connect with leading stakeholders in the field. The project’s aim is to develop new approaches in cancer research, in the development of medicine and therapies as well as financing, to identify and remedy inefficiencies and to search for alternative solutions.

Participating stakeholders

Dr. sc. nat. ETH Daniel Vonder Mühll and group, ETH Zurich, Personalized Health and Related Technologies
Dr. Heiner Sandmeier, Deputy Secretary General at Interpharma

Prof. em. Dr. med. Urs Martin Lütolf, Cantonal Ethics Committee Zurich

Dr. Martin Inderbitzin, Patient representative, Founder of

Stakeholder Research Questions

Topic 1: Medical Data Ownership and Data Protection
               supervised by Dr. sc. nat. ETH Daniel Vonder Mühll and group

Topic 2: Reimbursement of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)                            in Switzerland based on the example of CAR-T cell therapies
               supervised by Dr. Heiner Sandmeier

Topic 3: Therapeutic Trials and Research

               supervised by Prof. em. Dr. med. Urs Martin Lütolf

Topic 4: Innovative Cancer Support Programs for Teenagers and Young Adults
               supervised by Dr. Martin Inderbitzin

The project starts with a kick-off event on March 12, 2019 at the University of Zurich, where the stakeholders present their problems to the PhD students.

After the kick-off event, the PhD students, grouped into small teams, will work on the solution approaches, and have the opportunity to communicate further with the stakeholders.

In an afternoon workshop on September 11, 2019, the PhD students present the current status of their project to each other and the stakeholders.

On November 28, 2019, the PhD students will present their results to various stakeholders and interested people at the launch event of All.Can Switzerland and hand in a short paper on their findings.

Participation is awarded with 6 ECTS points. The whole project will be held in English.

We are happy to answer your questions or to supply further information if needed. Please send us an email to

Flyer (PDF, 149 KB)