MERH - Reforming the World Health Organization: learning the lessons of Ebola

The West African Ebola epidemic caused tens of thousands of deaths, many of them avoidable. Global governance for health during the epidemic has been deeply criticized for the delays, lack of coordination, and insufficient resources. It has also highlighted the deep problems caused by fragile health systems. The Ebola epidemic has become a pivotal moment for the World Health Organization, spurring its need for fundamental reform.

This public lecture will search for the lessons learned from Ebola, as well as the appropriate roles for international organizations such as the WHO, World Bank, and United Nations Security Council.

Ebola has transformed the way the international community thinks about epidemic diseases. What will the global future look like, particularly for the World Health Organization?

May, 6, 2015, 6:30 pm, University of Zurich, City Campus, KOL F 101